iPhone 11 Design Leaks Look Better Than Previously Rumored

The interesting design of the upcoming iPhone 11 has sparked lots of controversies on the internet. While the new triple camera setup made lots of Apple fans happy some are disappointed by the fact that a huge camera bump is now visible on the back of the device.

A creative designer decided to survey the various information about the device (among which we can count chassis molds, renders, and schematics) in an attempt to learn more about the design elements. He was inspired but what he learned and decided to create a new set of renders which are quite impressive.

The biggest change can be seen when we are looking at the camera. Since the first renders were leaked more information became available, and the camera bump is much smaller than it was thought at first. It also manages to look elegant, as the design choice seems more original in comparison the setups favored by other smartphone manufacturers.

iPhone 11 design leaks

Some will be disappointed by the fact that most rumors anticipate a notch. However, it is considerably smaller, and it doesn’t look as bad as some think. The notch fever may have passed, but many know that a reinvented iPhone will be released in 2020 and it is anticipated that some major design changes will be included.

The renders offered by the designer highlight a concept infused with the style and quality for which Apple is famous. They also showcase how the dark mode should look like. It is expected that the feature will be added when iOS 13 is released. The dark mode also adds a nuance of style, along with the boon of saving battery life (and being more comfortable for the eyes during the night).

The design choice may be a bit questionable and other devices will offer more innovative features, but the iPhone 11 is shaping up to be a great device in the long run.

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