Google Pixel 3A XL and Pixel 3A Leaks Revealed More Information About The Upcoming Devices

If you have been to a special Best Buy from Springfield, Ohio, you might have seen that an unannounced Google Pixel 3A XL has made its appearance there, in both the “Purple-ish” and “Just Black” models of the phone, according to Android Police reports.

The devices were already on display and some of the rumors that we have heard previously were confirmed by their packaging. For example, the screen of the Google Pixel 3A XL will measure 6 inches. Unfortunately, there was no label that contained the price on the box of the handsets.

In a string of leaks about the unannounced mid-range handsets from Google, you can also see this sighting being the newest. This is Tech Today, a YouTube channel posted earlier this week some images of the retail packaging of the Google Pixel 3A which offered as the confirmation that its screen would measure 5.6 inches.

Google Pixel 3A XL and Pixel 3A prices also leaked

The video also gave out details about the prices of the Pixel 3A XL ($479) and the Pixel 3S ($399) this being for the 64GB version of both phones.

The new phones are expected to be announced by Google in less than a week during its Google I/O keynote on 7th of May. With that being said, it looks like the Pixel 3A is running out of places to leak from.

Videos, photographs, renders and promotional images have all been seen by us their location varying from the own site of Google to Geekbench. Even though this might sound a lot, we are still no at the point that the Pixel 3 got to last year, where it has been recognized by someone in a Lyft, but we are not far from that. The good news is that soon enough we will see the real phone and not only the leaks.

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