Windows 7 Users Are Refusing To Upgrade To Windows 10 – Here’s Why

As Microsoft is preparing to pull the plug on Windows 7, a major percent of users are stubborn to keep using the outdated operating system. The desktop OS market is ruled by two big forces: Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Windows 7 and Windows 10 are the most popular OS on the market

According to reports, Windows 7 owns 36.4% of the market, while Windows 10 owns 44.1% of the market. Despite having an impending expiry date due on January 18, 2020, Windows 7 only registered a 0.09% percent drop in the past month. It seems that users are not ready to give up on this version of the operating system, a decade after its initial launch.

Microsoft has expressed its concern on the matter. While users seem reluctant to switch to Windows 10, the company fears incoming malware attacks. As Microsoft will not offer any more security patches starting with next year, computers running on Windows 7 will most likely be threatened by malicious attacks.

The main targets are going to be businesses using workforce computers. A good amount of sensitive information risks to be exposed to attacks. The same happened in 2017 when Microsoft cut its ties with Windows XP. Hundreds of organizations were infected by the ”WannaCry” malware, almost leading to their destruction. Microsoft was forced to release one more update for Windows XP to stop the attacks.

Why Windows 7 users are refusing to upgrade to Windows 10

With only 8 months left until Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7, the company is encouraging Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10, to avoid a similar situation, They are even willing to offer free upgrades to owners of a Microsoft 365 Business license.

While Microsoft is pushing users to start using Windows 10, people persist in declining the upgrade. There are numerous reasons that may cause this reaction. First of all, large businesses might have already deployed Windows 7 across their systems, which makes changing the OS version extremely difficult. Other users may have grown familiar with Windows 7, feeling that Windows 10 may not give them the same feeling of simplicity.

For those of you who have made a decision to finally switch to Windows 10, head to Microsoft’s website and consult their Windows 10 Beginners Guide.

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