iPhone SE 2: Rumors, Leaks, Specs, And Everything Else We Know So Far

The iPhone SE was one of the most popular devices released by Apple. Many fans believe that it offered the perfect mix of style, size, and specifications. Millions of devices were sold, and it seemed that another series was started, but the product was discontinued without a successor. Now, it appears that Apple will finally launch iPhone SE 2.

Several concepts can be found on the internet, showcasing what the fans want from the iPhone SE 2. The iPhone XR wasn’t the hit envisioned by Apple, and some voiced that the company revived the iPhone SE as an affordable alternative to its iconic flagship models.

Select sources claim that Apple is currently working on three different iPhone models, with the following display sizes of 5,42-inch, 6.06-inch, and 6.67 inches. It is inferred that the device with the smallest display could be the long-awaited iPhone SE 2, but at this point, there is no concrete proof.

iPhone SE 2: Rumors, Specs, and Everything Else

The looks

It is likely that the iPhone SE 2 will retain the popular design of the X models, including the iconic notch found near the upper edge of the screen. This rumor has been reinforced by some video leaks and a few images, but in most cases, the source appears to be unreliable.

The specs of iPhone SE 2

Some will be disappointed by the supposed specs of the device, which include an A10 processor, 2GB of RAM and a single camera setup on the front and back of the smartphone. As many of the rumors mention a notch, it is likely that Face ID could present.

The demand

It may seem counterintuitive to release an iPhone with a smaller screen in the age of the large panels, but this may not be the case. Many potential customers would enjoy the idea of buying a device which can fit into smaller pockets. iPhone SE 2 would be that device.

How much iPhone SE 2 would cost?

The price should on par with that of the iPhone XR, but it may be a bit higher if Apple opts for an OLED panel.

In conclusion, until the next iPhone models are announced in September, we can only hope that Apple will make our dreams true and launch an iPhone SE 2 along with the successors for iPhone XS and XS Max.

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