Minecraft Bedrock 1.14 and Java Edition: Village and Pillage with New Campfire and Lots of Chanes

Minecraft fans and lovers, the new version 1.14 is released and ready for playing it in Minecraft Bedrock and Java edition. The world of Minecraft has now improved thanks to the release of the Village and Pillage update. The updates of Village and Pillage are available for players and have a lot of new features added to the game. If you are curious about what’s new, keep on reading.

The new features include a campfire, sweet berries, bamboo jungle, roaming skin choice, accessibility features, and new achievements.  Every element has some changes and addition with the update to version 1.14. The game is available for the Xbox One, Windows 10 Store, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

  • Campfire: this feature is very practical because you can light up your village or home, you can use it like a fireplace without having the fear that the fire will be spread, and the important fact is that you could cook your food on it.
  • Sweet Berries: you now have a new source of food that can be found in the Taiga biomes. Be careful when you collect them because of thorns.
  • Bamboo Jungle: bamboo is added now in every jungle, but especially in the new Bamboo Jungle.
  • Roaming Skin Choice: if you use the same account and choose a skin from the skin pack, this selected skill will stay like that automatically on all the Bedrock devices. Of course, some skin packs aren’t allowed for roaming selection.
  • Accessibility Features: you can enable the accessibility features in Settings and use them for text to speech in the game chat. Also, UI Screen Reader will work if you speak the name of the interface controls and state.
  • New Achievements: you will have seven new achievements here like Plethora of Cats (20G), Kill the Beast! (30G), Buy Low, Sell High (50G), Disenchanted (20G), We’re being attacked (20G), Sound the Alarm! (20G), and I’ve got a bad feeling about this (20G).

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