WhatsApp Beta 2.19.87 APK Released Today: What’s New?

WhatsApp has been releasing new tweaks to the Beta program, and they will soon make it to the stable WhatsApp version. Today, the Beta update reaches version 2.19.87. What does it bring?

WhatsApp Beta 2.19.87 New Features

Yesterday, a previous version was uploaded on Google Play Store and APK Mirror for those that are in the beta program. The version came with most of today’s features and a little bit more.

You’ll notice the continuous voice note playback, so you don’t have to tap on each message to play it. It’s great in chats when people send short voice messages one after another, and you can now listen to the full message. To know that the message ended, you will hear a beep at the end of it, and then it will move to the next one until you’ve listened to all of them.

Another (somewhat older) feature that you will see is that the audio messages have the file name listed (the feature was there since v.2.19.82).

The 2.19.87 beta version also came with an interesting feature for forwarding. You can tap on a message you have forwarded and see in the info screen how many times you have forwarded it. The feature can only be seen only on the messages you have sent and forwarded, not for those that you get.

Dark Mode Still In Development

If you were wondering, WABetaInfo notified the users registered into the beta program that the Dark Mode feature isn’t available yet:

WhatsApp is working on this feature in this update in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you before to enable them for everyone.

Nonetheless, they did spot some more reference to this mode:

They [the developers] worked on the Profile section, in order to make it compatible with the Dark Mode.

WhatsApp v2.19.87 beta is both in Play Store and on APK Mirror, and it is only around 34 MB, the same size as the previous version – v2.19.86, which was released on 29 March.

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