Google Play Store 14.2.58 Update with Faster Boot Time and Overall Performances is Now Available

The latest update that the Android parent has released for the Google Play Store sports the 14.2.58 version number and today we are going to cover everything there is to know about. The first thing that we want to note about the latest Google Play Store update is that it comes in the form of APK. This is a special kind of update format that Google uses for all its latest updates and installing this type of updates can be a little tricky. However, Android users who aren’t familiar with APK releases shouldn’t worry because we are going to present a short installation guide.

Google Play Store 14.2.58 Update

As we have already noted in the beginning, the new update will change Google Play Store’s version number to 14.2.58. This is a high priority update and all Android fans who enjoy using apps and games on their smartphones should make it their top priority to download it because it comes with a bunch of bug fixes.

How to Install APKs

The tricky part about installing APK updates is that Android fans are required to manually download and install then. However, this can’t be done until the “Unknown Sources” option is enabled. Luckily, enabling this option is fairly simple since it can be found in the Settings panel, under the Privacy tab and all that users have to do it to tap on it once. In addition, the update can be found on Google’s official APK website.

Bug Fixes

Yes, we know that bug fixes are not as exciting as getting a bunch of new features or graphics changes. However, bug fixes are significantly more important than new features because they improve the overall stability of the Google Play Store and taking into account that the Google Play Store is required in order to run any app or game, we advise all Android users to download the new APK as soon as possible.

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