Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Soon to Be Launched by Samsung

In case you’ve already purchased the newly released Samsung Galaxy S10, you might regret not waiting for the latest model that will soon be launched by the South Korean company.

Samsung has just unveiled a completely new version of Galaxy S10 and it looks like the tech giant has already confirmed the release date for the most recent model, which might take you by surprise.

5G-powered Galaxy S10 will soon be launched by Samsung

The new device will arrive much sooner than anyone would have expected – one month after the standard versions were launched, which is very exciting. The company is launching a 5G-powered Samsung Galaxy S10 on the 5th of April in South Korea and a few weeks later in the United States.

But the early launch date of the Galaxy S10 5G is not the only thing that surprises us. The price of the upcoming device will also be lower than expected. The phone will cost approximately $1,199 before sales tax. The company will apparently also offer free Galaxy Buds, which are worth $159. More than this, the smartphone will have significant upgrades in almost all areas.

What to expect from Samsung Galaxy S10 5G’s specs?

The display of the new 5G phone is a huge 6.7-inches and it comes with next-gen storage and RAM. The device will also have a massive 4500 mAh battery and it will be capable of delivering twice the standard performance, while consuming less battery.

However, the phone will have just 256GB storage and 8GB RAM. Unfortunately, Samsung has also confirmed that the Galaxy S10 5G will not have a microSD slot.

As far as the camera is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G adds a fourth rear camera and it will take better pictures than the other phones from the S10 lineup. The smartphone is expected to have a faster autofocus and a significantly improved depth perception. The 5G model will definitely create much better low light photos. All of this thanks to a Time of Flight module.

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