How to Stop Google Play Services From Draining Battery Power

Google Play Services is known for taking care of important tasks in the Android operating system such as making it possible for third-party apps and games to receive over the air updates. However, Google Play Services is also infamous for draining lots of battery power and unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of this background app without causing problems in the Android operating system. On the bright side of things, there are a couple of things that Android users can do in order to lower how much battery Google Play Services drains on average.

#1 Turn Off Auto-Sync

Our first method of lowering the overall amount of battery power that Google Play Services uses is targeted for people who use more than one Google accounts. Google Play Services will search for private information such as the location of the users in order to provide them with information about nearby events among other features and this causes the background app to drain battery power.

Having more than one accounts means that Google Play Services will be searching for information all the time and the fastest way to stop this from happening and to preserve battery power is to disable auto-sync. This can be done by following the next steps: Settings – Accounts – Next, tap on each account to turn the sync option on or off.

#2 Task Killers

We have a second method of lowering the amount of battery power that Google Play Services uses and this can be used by all Android users. Even though task killer apps are designed to stop apps from consuming large amounts of battery power, they will also cause some damage to the battery as well because they are running nonstop. Therefore, uninstalling app killers is a fast way to start saving up battery power.

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