Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Browser Leaked Online

The upcoming Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Internet browser from Microsoft leaked online. Popular beta sharing forums and file sharing sites are the sources from where you can get the download links for the browser. The version that has been leaked seems to be an early copy of the version that is expected to be released to the public by Microsoft any time soon. At least the preview will happen way before the official launch.

The new version of Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium and Chrome extension support is included in the early builds as well as some custom tweaks to the user interface, and syncing of favorites. The browser has been recently looked at exclusively, and it seems to do an excellent job in Windows 10. You might expect some certain features from Edge, but you should make sure that you do not get too excited because some of them will be missing from the actual version of the browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser leaked on the Internet

The set-aside tabs feature has not been included by Microsoft yet, and the implementation of the inking with a stylus feature has not been included either. If you want to use the testing flag right now, you can see how the dark mode looks like because it is available only there, similar to how Google decided to implement the dark mode in Chrome.

A version of Edge for Mac is also being worked on by Microsoft, but the date when it will debut is still unclear because we are not sure whether it will happen at the same time as the updated Windows version. Are you excited to see how this plan will work out? Keep an eye on our site to receive more updates on the Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser as soon as we have them.

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