Microsoft To Release Windows Defender For macOS

Microsoft has announced in the past that it plans to expand its services offer to other platforms and it seems that the company is starting to materialize the promise. After releasing a Windows Defender extension for Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft is currently aiming at other software platforms, and the first one is macOS. Enterprise clients can access and download an early preview of the upcoming Microsoft Defender on devices which run macOS Majove, High Sierra, or Sierra.

The program includes the most popular features of the Windows version, among which we can count post-breach detection, a robust preventive protection system and a suite of automated response tools which can prevent and mitigate potential damage. Thanks to the AutoUpdate feature the program will receive the latest updates and features as soon as Microsoft releases them.

Many users believe that macOS is bulletproof when it comes to malware, but that is not the case. In recent years, many malevolent entities have started to release malware which targets macOS. The release of the new Microsoft Defender could be seen as a safe bet by many since enterprise customers value security and privacy. It is also likely that the use of the program will make it easier for IT admins who have to take care of Windows and Mac systems at the same time.

Microsoft might not release a consumer version of Windows Defender for macOS

At this point, we do not know if Microsoft plans to release a consumer version of its Windows Defender for macOS. The Redmond giant is currently focusing on the enterprise sector, where licenses are bought at a high number since most companies have a vast computer network which needs to be secured.

The preview version of Windows Defender includes a new Threat and Vulnerability management feature which could be very helpful for admins in the long run. The feature will actively scan the computer; simplify the investigation procedures for some security incidents and offers built-in remediation features.

In a day an age where cybernetic attacks continue to remain a severe threat, it is great to see that big companies share their security products with others.

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