Walmart Would Reportedly Release Its Own Game Streaming Platform

In an unexpected move, Walmart might release its own game streaming platform. These services have been quite popular lately, although Walmart isn’t exactly a name that you would associate with video games.

The news appeared after US Gamer received this information from multiple sources that preferred to remain anonymous.

“Multiple sources familiar with Walmart’s plans, who wish to remain anonymous, confirmed to USG that the retail giant is exploring its own platform to enter in the now-competitive video game streaming race. No other details were revealed other than it will be a streaming service for video games, and that Walmart has been speaking with developers and publishers since earlier this year and throughout this year’s Game Developers Conference,” reported US Gamer.

Walmart would reportedly expand its market with its own game streaming platform

Walmart is one of the biggest retail corporations, so it makes sense that they want to attract new customers. More than that, we can be sure that Walmart has the capital needed to create such a project. We also know that Walmart already has six substantial server farms that contain essential information such as customer and company data. Therefore, a service owned by Walmart should be a reliable one.

Nonetheless, it is hard to say how the gaming community would welcome this service. In fact, Walmart already tried to market its own gaming computers, and the results weren’t as good as expected. The computers were known under the name of Overpowered, and they were created after a partnership with Esports Arena. However, gamers were not impressed, and they complained about customer service and poor build quality.

Walmart hasn’t yet commented on the rumors regarding a Walmart game streaming platform. It remains to see whether they will really release a new cloud gaming service or this is just an alternative that they are exploring at the moment.

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