Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Is Coming On 25th of March

It looks like after several months of waiting, Battlefield V’s battle royale mode is finally arriving. Battlefield V Firestorm will become available on 25th of March and a trailer showing what we can expect from the mode has just been released.

What to expect from Firestorm?

Players can expect to see the largest Battlefield map ever, Halvoy, which will offer them several interesting advantages whenever they complete certain objectives. One of the options that players will have is going to be a farm tractor carrying artillery. Other things that fans will get to see in this battle royale mode are tanks, helicopters, as well as V-1 strikes.

As you can easily see in the leaked video down below, Firestorm still comes with most of the features that are characteristic to battle royale games. Once you start playing it, you will need to try to obtain gear, which can be of various quality levels, and you will have to fight enemies.

Similar to how it is in most titles, you will also have the chance of being brought to life in Firestorm. However, keep in mind that while you’re down, you will get a Battlefield-style sidearm to fight others.

The full Firestorm experience is not available yet

Nevertheless, it seems that you will not get the whole Firestorm experience immediately. You will have the possibility the play either by yourself or in four-player squads for now. Duos, however, will need to wait until next month.

The new official Firestorm trailer was exciting to watch, as we got to see several battlefield combat scenes that required different vehicles to be used. We definitely cannot wait to see how this battle royale mode will be like. Firestorm will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on the PC.

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