AirPods 2 Release Date Soon – Fights Against Samsung Galaxy Buds

Apple has scheduled a conference for March 25th, and it is likely that the company is packing a series of announcements. Many are looking forward to the release of its upcoming streaming service, which has already garnered the attention of potential customers.

New hardware could also make an appearance, in the form of the new AirPods model, revamped iPads, and the anticipated AirPower wireless charger. Recent reports suggest that Asian partners are already working on the parts required for the new devices. Flexium Interconnect and Zhen Ding are hard at work on the iPads while Compeq Manufacturing and Unitech PCB have started the mass production of the rigid-flex boards which are used by the AirPods.

At this point, the amount of information available is quite limited since the Apple isn’t a big fan of leaks and most of the companies who have a contract with the Cupertino giant have also signed a non-disclosure agreement which prevents them from showcasing any potential features of the products.

Select sources claim that Apple plans to release several different versions of its famous tablets. It is likely that one of them will be the classic 9.7-inch iPad which has become a fan favorite. Others believe that Apple could bump the size of the regular model to 10.2-inch, encouraging its customers to opt for a larger device. A few analysts believe that the company is also working on a non-Pro iPad that should offer a 10.5-inch display, It seems that some people are interested with an iPad that this on par with the iPad Pro when it comes to size, but they do not need  the additional power (and price tag) which comes with Apple’s top-tier range.

Many fans are also expecting the release of the AirPods 2, which should compete with the Samsung Galaxy Buds that were announced by Samsung in February. The Buds are already on sale, and they were well-received by the public, but it is well-known that each accessory is limited to its ecosystem when it comes to certain features.

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