Android Q Beta Can Now Be Downloaded on All Pixel Phones

Even though it arrived a little bit later than it was originally expected, Android Q is finally here. A beta version of Google’s newest operating system is now available for downloading on all three generations of Pixel phones.

Android Q beta is now available for Pixel smartphones

If you own a Pixel smartphone, there are two ways you can get Google’s most recent operating system: you can either enroll in the beta program or you can install the beta version by manually flashing your device. Be careful if you choose the second option, as downloading the Android Q Beta system image and flashing it to your phone will remove everything you have on it. Because of this, you must back up all your data first.

Based on what is known so far about Android Q, it seems that earlier reports were correct. A brand-new system-wide share sheet has been created by Google and some changes have also been applied to the way permissions work.

When should we expect the public release of Android Q?

As far as the full, public release of the next Android operating system is concerned, it is expected to launch this summer. Most probably, more details about this release will be provided by Google during its yearly I/O conference, which this takes place between 7th – 9th of May.

It’s also important to mention that this first developer preview doesn’t come with too many of the exciting features that are expected to arrive in Android Q. One of the features that has not been included in the developer preview is the system-wide dark mode. However, we will probably get to see this feature in another beta version of Android Q.

The tech giant will now be waiting for feedback from developers, once they see how the new mobile operating system behaves.

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