Verizon Rolls Out Android 9 Pie to Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s high-end smartphones are always the first ones in line to get access to Google’s new operating system updates. Unfortunately, owners of carried locked smartphones are required to wait a little bit more than the rest since their carrier needs to check out and approve the update. With that said, Galaxy Note 9 users who purchased their smartphone via Verizon should be happy to know that Verizon has finally started rolling out Android 9 Pie which includes One UI.

Verizon Rolls Out Android 9 Pie to Galaxy Note 9

The first thing that we need to mention is that Verizon is the last of the four major US carriers to release Android 9 Pie for Galaxy Note 9. While we don’t know why Verizon took so long in order to release the major operating system update, we have to admit that it’s always better late than never.

February 2019 Security Patch

The Android 9 Pie update introduces a plethora of features and software optimization tweaks. However, since the US carrier was so late to roll out the operating system update it also made sure to include the February 2019 security patch. Therefore, Galaxy Note 9 users who purchased the device from Verizon should make sure to download the new update as soon as possible.

The update sports the “N960USSQU1CSB3” version number and it is being rolled out OTA (over the air). Furthermore, the update is fairly big in size and it weighs in at 2GB. This is why we are advising all Galaxy Note 9 users to download the operating system update via a stable Wi-Fi network and not on mobile data. In addition, the smartphone should have at least 50% of battery charge so that the update doesn’t get interrupted which can cause the software to brick.

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