Samsung Note 10 5G Might Also Come Out, And It Could Boast 5 Main Cameras

In the summer of this year, the Galaxy S10 5G will join the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, and another 5G model might also be introduced. Samsung Note 10 5G might also come out, and it could boast five main cameras. That, however, has not been officially announced yet.

Samsung has recently published the source code for the Samsung Galaxy S10 handsets, and after the XDA Developers read the line mentioning a device codenamed “Da Vinci,” they thought of something. Previously, the rumors suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has the codename “Da Vinci,” while the source code refers to “DaVinci5G” which might mean that it would come in a 5G edition.

“Luge” is the codename of another mystery device mentioned in the source code. However, this has not been figured out yet. As the other S10 handsets and Samsung Galaxy Fold have different codenames, the mystery is sure about some other handset. For example, it would either be something entirely new or another Galaxy A.

How many cameras would Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G feature?

According to a leak, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is suggested to be equipped with four cameras on the rear, similar to what the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G edition will have. Taking into consideration the fact that the S10 Plus has one less lens than the S10 5G, the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G might feature as many as five cameras.

Because five lenses are more than anyone needs, contrary to Nokia, Samsung might decide to keep the number of cameras at four. With that being said, the Note 10 5G might turn out to be a photography powerhouse.

The handset might also sport an improved S Pen if we take a closer look at the fact that the codename suggests creativity and art, but on our part that is only speculation.

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