Latest Windows 10 Update Cripples Gaming PCs

Since its first introduction, the Windows Update feature was criticized by some users. When Microsoft announced that all the updates would be automatically installed when you are running Windows 10, some users feared that the feature would have the potential to wreak specific functionalities and it seems that they were quite right.

The latest Windows 10 update will severely hamper gaming performance if the system uses either AMD or Nvidia GPUs. Windows users spotted the problem quickly, and Microsoft has released an official warning which accompanies the update. The alert notes that KB4482887 has the potential to severely cripple the performance of graphics and mice in select video games (among which we can count Destiny 2).

As expected, most users weren’t happy when they learned about the new flaw, with many sharing their opinion across popular forum platforms. Some voices theorize that the bugs could be more significant, but gamers first noticed them since they are quick to observe any changes which affect the gaming experience in a negative manner.

Windows 10 Update Causes Issues On Gaming PCs

Until an official fix arrives, users are advised to avoid clicking on the Check for updates option. That will prevent the system from installing the update. It’s excellent news that the update is deemed to be optional and the system will not install it automatically for you.

When Windows 10 was in development, Microsoft promised that it would deliver an update experience so smooth that the average user won’t be able to tell when an update is installed. The promise remains just that, as the protocol is imperfect. While specific updates brought some exciting features, several controversies were also sparked by faulty updates.

One of the most infamous updates deleted essential files from the computer and overwrote data as soon as space became free, effectively removing any chance to recover the lost files if they weren’t backed up in some manner. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will manage to improve the feature and release stable updates that don’t ruin the user experience.

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