Android Q Beta Is About to Launch Today [Update]

[Update] Android Q beta did not launch on March 11th, but another leak pointed out to a Wednesday release. A new Google developer’s calendar leak on Reddit is reportedly highlighting March 13th as the launch date for Android Q beta. We shall wait and see.

Numerous users have been waiting with anticipation for the news about Android Q beta for quite some time. In the past, all versions of this popular mobile operating system created by Google were launching around this time of the year, and nothing we have heard so far indicates that something could change in 2019. Judging by the fact that Google has just opened the bug tracker for the upcoming Android Q Beta, and according to the date filter that has just been spotted, the beta version of the newest Android operating system might be released at some point today, March 11th.

The bug tracker confirms the release of Android Q Beta

Mishaal Rahman first noticed the Android Q Beta’s bug tracker from XDA-Developers, and now it has been made available for all users. Moreover, the bug tracker hints at the likely release date of the upcoming version of the Android operating system. To find out what date this is, we need to open the link that can be found in the description for the already-reported bugs. Once we do that, an Issue Tracker search will begin, with a date filter showing today’s date, March 11th.

Because the tracker shows only issues reported after today, so those that will be submitted by the general public, we might take it as a confirmation that Android Q Beta will be launched by Google at some point today.

The wait is over

All those who want to see it with their own eyes have to go to the Google Issue Tracker, where they must select the OEM option in the drop-down menu under “Component.”

It looks like we will not have to wait for the beta version of Android Q any longer, and we should all expect to see Google’s popular mobile operating system becoming available for our phones sooner rather than later.

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