Super Mario Run 3.0.12 APK Is Now Available to Download

Super Mario Run is a mobile game developed by Nintendo, which was released for Android in 2017 and for iOS in 2016. It was, in fact, one of the first mobile games that the company has created.

A new APK update is available for this popular game that brings back childhood memories. The newest update changes the version number of the app to 3.0.12.

Main features of Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a very fun and easy-to-play game. Players mostly need to tap on their screen so that Mario can jump over various obstacles that he encounters in his journey to save the princess.

The game has a great feature called World Tour Mode, which gives players the possibility to pass through all kinds of interesting locations (caverns, jungles). There are 24 levels included in this mode and if Mario can pass all these levels, then he will be able to find Princess Peach.

Players can also collect coins that can be used to purchase decoration items for their castles and they can even build their kingdom in 100 different building modes.

How to download Super Mario Run 3.0.12 APK

The latest update comes in the form of an APK, which stands for Android Package Kit. This type of updates have to be downloaded manually, as they are not available via the Google Play Store. You can easily find the new APK by simply searching for the update v3.0.12 on the internet. The size of this APK update is 80 MB, so keep that in mind before you download it on your Android device.

One more thing that you need to do before you download and install the APK on your phone or tablet is to adjust a simple setting. You will have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your device, which can be found in the Settings menu, after you access “Security”. This must be done in order to ensure that the APK can be downloaded on your phone.

Once you’ve allowed the installation from other sources, you should be all set. You can now install the newest APK and start enjoying Super Mario Run.

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