Fitbit Fitness Trackers Might Outperform Apple Watch

As we can imagine, the smartwatch industry is very competitive. So far, big companies like Apple or Samsung seem to be dominating the sales market, and this is not surprising if we consider their devices’ specifications. However, these giants should start preparing to face serious competition. Fitbit is introducing new amazing fitness trackers that can become worldwide trends in no time. Versa Lite, Inspire, Inspire HR and Ace 2 trackers have a lot of cool features, and their prices are much lower than those of Apple Watch or Samsung’s smartwatches. What’s not to like?

If we were to analyze Fitbit’s new devices, we could conclude that their motto seems to be “it’s time to get more for less.” That means that all of them have modern specifications and are equipped to reach every need. People who have used Fitbit smartwatches before will notice the resemblance between the new members of the family and previously launched devices. For example, Versa Lite is an improved and streamlined version of the popular Versa smartwatch.

Fitbit Fitness Trackers Might Outperform Apple Watch

Inspire and Inspire HR, the other two new Fitbit fitness trackers, come to replace the company’s lower-end trackers, while the Ace 2 is an improved version of Fitbit’s child-friendly activity tracker. And that’s not all! The best news is that all of these devices can be yours for less than $160.

With an offer like this, Fitbit is aiming to reach more people who never tried their products before. They are planning to start a social media campaign and present their new devices to all those who could become first-time buyers. More and more people are interested in buying one of the new items, and they are right. The trackers are water resistant and come with longer battery life, updated operating systems, high-quality screens and many more.

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