Best Gaming Monitors Compatible With FreeSync And G-Sync

This year has started with an exciting announcement, as Nvidia let us know that it will offer G-Sync support for their GeForce graphics cards. Their attempt was not to fall behind AMD which launched FreeSync for their Radeon graphics cards. At the moment, 15 monitors are officially G-Sync Compatible. These have already been tested and certified by Nvidia.

However, there are more models out there. In fact, any adaptive sync or FreeSync display that can be connected via DisplayPort can also be used with the latest Nvidia GPUs. A FreeSync monitor might be the ideal choice, as it does not need the G-Sync module, which can be quite pricy. Here are some FreeSync monitors that we recommend.

Best Gaming Monitors Compatible With FreeSync And G-Sync

Samsung LC34J791

If you are looking for an ultra-wide FreeSync and G-Sync monitor, Samsung might have just what you need. The monitor offers excellent 48-100Hz G-Sync support on Nvidia graphics cards. If we look at its predecessor, the CF791, it did have 23ms of input lag. More than that, the device also comes with 3 USB-C ports. The monitor can be purchased from Amazon for $799.


The Agon AG271QX offers a 1440p resolution combined with a 144Hz refresh rate. The Agon measures 27 inches, and it has one of the broadest VRR ranges. This monitor isn’t that expensive, and you can purchase it from Amazon for $400. That is the ideal gaming monitor as it is considered one of the best monitors for Xbox One gaming.

HP Pavilion 27q

In case you’re on a budget, HP Pavilion 27q can be the ideal choice if you want one of the best gaming monitor compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync, but at a lower price. The monitor is available on for just $279. It has a 48-75Hz VRR window. The monitor a capable IPS panel and great color accuracy. Just remember that the monitor must be set to Gaming – FreeSync mod so that it recognizes the G-Sync.

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