WatchOS New Concept Shows Sleep Rings, Redesigned Siri and Grid Layout for the Dock

The next major version of watchOS is expected to be revealed by Apple only a few months from now. It is believed that watchOS 6 could be presented by the company during the WWDC that takes place in June. A new watchOS concept created by Matt Bircher has been posted online recently, showing what kind of changes he would like to see in the next operating system of the Apple Watch.

Improved Siri watch face

In his recent blog post, Birchler has mentioned that even though Siri was one of his favorite additions in the watchOS 4, he believes that the virtual assistant definitely needs an upgrade in the watchOS 6. In his concept, Birchler is imagining a more modular design that has a cleaner and more useful interface.

Integration of sleep tracking with wellbeing features

The new concept also suggests that some new “wellbeing” rings could be added to the watchOS 6 in order to display useful details about sleep and meditation. The purpose of these rings would be to show users for how long they slept or what their average heart rate was, for example.

A redesigned dock with a grid layout

Lastly, Birchler added that he was never completely happy with the dock on the Apple Watch. He thinks that the original horizontal scrolling list was much better than the current vertical card system. Because of this, he proposes something new for the next watchOS. He believes that the dock could be converted to a grid system, which could make use of the space on the watch face more efficiently. In his mockup, Birchler managed to get four apps on the screen of the watch at the same time and the contents of the apps were still distinguishable.

We definitely cannot wait to see what the watchOS 6 will bring. As we’ve mentioned before, the next OS of the Apple Watch is expected to be announced during the WWDC and it could most likely be released to the public in September.

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