Fortnite Mobile – Three Essential Tips for New Players

Fortnite Mobile is a really fun game but what makes it stand out from other Battle Royale titles is just how competitive the game can get. The goal of all players is to remain the last one standing and this can be quite difficult when there are 99 other players who are looking to shut you down. To make things even harder, aiming with a touchscreen instead of a keyboard and mouse can be quite challenging at times. With that said, we are going to present a couple of cool tricks for Fortnite Mobile that will make you better overnight.

  • Headphones are a Must

This should go unsaid but headphones are a must in Fortnite Mobile. Using a pair of headphones doesn’t matter if they are high quality or not, will make a significant difference in how well you do in Fortnite Mobile. The headphones will drown out all the background noise and make it easier for you to figure out where the enemy is shooting from. Not only that, but the tinkle from golden chests will be easier to hear.

  • Enable the “Tap to Search/Interact” Option

One of the most useful features that Fortnite Mobile offers is called “Tap to Search/Interact”. Some of you might think that disabling the default “Auto-Pickup” feature is counterproductive, but this is not the case. It’s always better to tap the screen and pick the guns, items and mods that you want instead of looting everything from all around the map.

  • Close Range Fights

The last tip that we want to share with all Fortnite Mobile players who are looking to get better is to avoid long-range rifles. There’s no point in sniping enemies when playing on a smartphone because aiming is really difficult. This is why we advise everyone to pick up a shotgun at the start of the match and to do their best to get into close range fights.

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