Here are iPhone 11’s Most Exciting Features

Samsung and Huawei have taken the smartphone industry by storm this month. Both tech companies revealed incredible smartphones during the MWC (Mobile World Congress) tech event and this begs the question, how is Apple going to compete against them in 2019? Well, here is where iPhone 11 comes in and saves the day. iPhone 11 is one of the most talked about smartphones on the internet and we have decided to gather the two most exciting rumors and speculations about iPhone 11’s highlight features and see if it has what it takes in order to defeat the likes of Galaxy S10.

Bigger Display and Stylus

The first iPhone 11 feature that we want to cover is the device’s bigger display. Apple is expected to equip iPhone 11 with a bigger display than it normally does on standard versions of iPhones. There are a couple of reasons why Apple is doing this, but the most important one is because Apple is rumored to bundle iPhone 11 with a stylus.

Having a stylus would prove to be quite useful, especially for people who do a lot of work on their iPhones because the stylus can improve their work rate. On the other hand, this is hypocritical of Apple because the late CEO Steve Jobs publicly stated that styluses are a thing of the past.

Expected Release Date

Apple has yet to announce the official launch date of iPhone 11. However, we can take a look at the previous release dates of other iPhones and we are going to come to the conclusion that iPhone 11 will be announced in September and that it will hit the markets in October. The bigger display might remove the need for a “Plus” edition of iPhone 11 and this gives Apple room to create more affordable iPhones such as 2018’s iPhone XR.

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