Fortnite Mobile Update v7.40 – Patch Notes Rundown

Everyone believed that Fortnite is going to be popular for a couple of weeks and that the game’s popularity will fade away. This didn’t happen and Fortnite went on to become a global phenomenon. The reason why Fortnite has managed to keep growing its player base instead of losing it is because Epic Games keeps launching exciting updates every month. Just like the PC and console version of the game, Fortnite Mobile benefits from the same constant rate of updates.

Epic Games has announced that a lot of important changes are coming to Fortnite Mobile via the v7.40 patch. With that said, today we are going to check out all the features, bug fixes and gameplay changes that the new Fortnite Mobile update brings.

Fortnite Mobile Patch v7.40

  • Intermittently Console/Touch HUD shows input is blocked despite using a mobile controller or Touch;
  • New Interaction button;

The game will now feature a new interaction button that is going to make it easier for Fortnite Mobile players to interact with items from the world such as: chests, vending machines, floor loot and ziplines.

  • Combat/Build mode button adjustments (When players switch modes and use the quickbar for building placement, combat mode could be re-entered);
  • Players are unable to change from standing to crouch position while editing structures;
  • Dedicated Edit Button;

Editing issues with the button that include players temporarily being unable to select tiles to edit at certain times. If you happen to run into this please report it in game and send us feedback.

  • Using autorun without a controller toggles auto sprint;


As we can clearly see, the new patch v7.40 for Fortnite Mobile brings lots of important changes. Nonetheless, we have to give Epic Games praise for continuously finding ways to improve the game and making it fun to play.

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