Clash of Clans New Daily Quests and More Gem Mines

Daily Quests

The developer of Clash of Clans, Supercell, has been mentioned in some rumors that suggest that Quests might be added to the mobile game as this has been asked for by fans since forever. Fans have been waiting for this since last year, but instead, they got Clan Games. However, 2019 is an excellent year for a lot of new things which means that Clash of Clans might finally offer its fans monthly, weekly or daily missions to the game. This way they will be kept excited for longer.

Versus Battles in the Main Village

Fans’ list of requests does not end here. They also wish for versus fights in the main village of the game so, after Builders Base’s launch, it will be more energizing. In the Builder Base, the player who gets the LOOT is the one who gives the most harm, so no elixir or gold is lost by either the players. Players have a sress-free playing experience which has also become more interesting, but it can become better with versus fights.

The Fourth Hero

A few months ago some rumor mills began rolling about the addition of a fourth hero in the game. Or maybe the Builders Base will receive one from Supercell. However, fans are still hoping for the Wizard King to be added.

More Gem Mines

A lot of requests for a gem mine have been received by Supercell, and even though the player can earn a germ or two daily thanks to the additional one that came with the Builders House, it is still not enough. This time, fans are hoping that the Main Village will also get one or two more gem mines, so everybody is satisfied.

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