iOS 12 Jailbreak Unc0ver v3.0.0~b29: How to Install It Correctly on Your Device

Some time ago, we heard of a public full-root iOS jailbreak, that’s going to come from the unc0ver jailbreak team, but we didn’t really know when it will make its appearance. Well, now it’s here. It’s a beta version of unc0ver v3.0.0 that comes with full support when it comes to jailbreaking operating systems from iOS 12.0 to iOS 12.1.2 on A8X to A11 devices.

A very well-known person to the jailbreak community has made the announcement.

Here’s how to get it

We come with a step-by-step guide. It’s not a complicated thing to do. However, you need to keep in mind that you might harm your device, so it’s best to jailbreak another phone, other than your everyday one.

First of all, you need to make sure that your device has the iOS 12 firmware. If you do, then you need to download the latest unc0ver 3.0.0 IPA. Then, download the Cydia Impactor – make sure you only get it from safe links. After this, get to Find My iPhone and make sure it’s turned off – there will be no OTA update for you to be installed from Settings, from Storage. If there actually is, you need to delete it. Also, make sure that the passcode on your device is also turned off. After this, make sure that your device is connected to your computer. Now it’s time to make the most out of Cydia and install the unc0ver jailbreak. When the IPA has sideloaded, go to Settings, to General, to Device Management and see if the profile is trusted for the unc0ver app that you’ve sideloaded. Now you need to go to Home Screen and launch the app. Then, tap on the “Jailbreak” button. Now all you have to do it wait for it to finish.

If you did everything correctly, the Cydia icon would appear on the Home Screen.

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