WhatsApp Status Updates Might Be Sorted By Relevance On Android In The Future

The story feature was introduced by Snapchat and it allowed users to share photos or videos temporarily. This feature became incredibly popular, and more social media platforms introduced it. Two years ago, WhatsApp users received it.

While WhatsApp remains one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. While the application comes with many useful functions, a lot of users agree that the stories aren’t exactly useful. For example, you might have numerous contacts saved in your phone, which means that you would have to see the status updates for everyone, including persons that you may not know very well.

More than that, the stories are sorted reverse chronologically, and many people tend to post stories frequently. It is possible to mute the users that do not interest you, but it appears that WhatsApp is working on a feature that might make things even better when it comes to story.

See relevant stories first

It has been reported that WhatsApp came up with an algorithm that will organize status updates better. In the future updates might be sorted by relevance. Mashable reported that the app is already testing this feature with a couple of iPhones users from Spain, India and Brazil. If there are no problems, the feature should be release on Android as well.

With the new algorithm users should see first the updates that are most likely to be relevant for them. In order to sort the status updates, multiple things will be taken into account. For example, the app will look at the who you message frequently, as well as the statuses you frequently view. This information should be stored on the user’s phones, and not on the WhatsApp servers. However, the data will be a part of backups.

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