Filza is Now Compatible with the Latest iOS 12 Jailbreak

Jailbreak fans have a new reason to be happy as the number of jailbreak solutions for iOS 12 continues to increase.

In many cases iPhone owners opt to jailbreak their device in order to be able to install homebrew apps which are offered by independent developers. They are also able to gain root access and access or modify a selection of settings and features which aren’t available in the vanilla (non-jailbreak) version of iOS.

A well-known jailbreak developer managed to release a stable jailbreak solution for iPhones devices that use the A9, A10 and A11 chips. This means that it should be compatible with several iPhone models, from the iPhone 6S and the up to iPhone X.

The major flaw of RootlesJB is represented by the fact that only a developer build is currently available. In order to enable jailbreak feature it deploys a custom SSH that is a bit complicated. It also lacks support for common app repositories and tweaks. While casual users are advised to wait for a public release some developers are already working on dedicated iOS 12 jailbreak apps.

The developers of the Filza File Manager decided to release a new update for their app that adds RootlesJB compatibility. The announcement was released on the official Twitter page of the developers.

Filza is one of the most popular apps among the jailbreak community, allowing users use and advanced file manager that is powerful yet intuitive.

Apple has been against jailbreak since day one. The company argues that the procedure will make the device vulnerable to a large array of threats, including malware that is able to steal valuable information like sign-in credentials and other sensitive data. Users that opt to jailbreak their device will have to take into account the fact that their warranty will become void.

Several developers are currently working on a jailbreak solution for iOS 12 and it is likely that a public version will appear in the following months.

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