The Quickest Company to Deliver Android Pie?

In case you do not own an Essential of Pixel device it means that you are struggling to get the latest Android update on your phone. A report card that is issued early decided this past week to analyze a little bit how Android OEMs are dealing with the Android Pie upgrades. The results are both disappointing and encouraging.

What has been proved?

To begin with, one proof regarding one thing is offered by the report provided by ComputerWorld’. If updates are something you care about and you want to make sure that your future phone gets them, you should choose a Google Pixel smartphone. This is the device that took zero days to receive the upgraded Android.

Taking into consideration that Google is the company that ships the OS and also makes these devices, it happened precisely what should have. Upgrades are painless when you control both the software and the hardware. An honorable mention is also sent to Essential, but it was not graded just like Google received the 100% because the company is on thin ice currently.

Big improvement

OnePlus takes the second place twice in a raw being graded a C with a percent of 74, but over the Android Oreo report card, it is a substantial improvement. Forty-seven days were necessary for the company’s OnePlus 6, the current flagship to get Android Pie and for devices from previous generations it took 142 days. The grade OnePlus received for Oreo was D with a 65 percent, so there sure has been some progress.

Surprise, surprise

Samsung is what surprised analysts after seeing the Android Pie report card. Its Android Pie/One UI update has been pushed out in recent weeks which brought the company a 37 percent. Even though based on the scale it gets an F, it is better than last year’s 0%.

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