iOS 12 V3ntex Jailbreak Tool is Now Available

The jailbreak community has been waiting for a stable iOS 12 jailbreak tool to launch since late 2018. Fortunately, it looks like we might not have to wait that long until the tool is released. The reason why we are saying that is because the developer that is known as “thimstar” has posted a new iOS 12 V3ntex jailbreak exploit. This exploit can be used to “open the gates” on iOS 12 and “thimstar” has already tested it on iPhone 6S.

iOS 12 V3ntex Jailbreak Tool

Everyone in the jailbreak community is talking about the new V3tenx jailbreak tool for iOS 12. However, we need to advise everyone to wait a little more before trying it on their own iPhone. The exploit is still experimental and “thimstar” himself noted that there are a bunch of improvements that could be made such as slightly improving or replacing at least one non-deterministic component. This shows us that “thimstar” agrees that his new tool is not stable.

RootlesJB Tool

We have to note that the developer Jake James has recently released a developer-centric iOS 12 jailbreak tool called RootlessJB. Jake James took to Twitter to announced that he tried the new iOS 12 V3ntex tool created by “thimstar” and that he had limited success. Therefore, the only jailbreak fans who should try and meddle with the new iOS 12 V3ntex tool are those are tech-savvy enough to restore their operating system back.

When is a Stable Build Coming?

The question that is sitting in the minds of all jailbreak fans right now is if a stable jailbreak tool for iOS 12 will ever come out? We believe that this will happen during the upcoming months. The two exploits discovered by Jake James with his RootlessJB jailbreak and the one discovered by “thimstar” show us that there is hope.

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