Gmail Has Added New Useful Features to Its Right-click Menu

Gmail’s right-click menu is finally being revamped by Google, as the company has added several new options to the pop-up list that you see whenever you right-click on a message. Thanks to these new additions, the menu should be much more useful than it was before.

Google has just made this announcement and even though this new update is pretty simple, as it doesn’t add any complex features, it definitely brings some extremely important elements to Gmail. This may be in fact one of the simplest, but also most useful updates that the tech giant has released in a while. Users of this popular email service will clearly be happy to hear about the new changes. So let’s take a look at what’s new.

What are the new features?

Once your Gmail gets this new update, you will be able to see a list of new options when you right-click on your emails. These are basically the new additions that your email will get: options to reply and reply all, forward, snooze, move, label and mute emails. This is quite a significant change that we will see in the right-click menu of Gmail, compared to the old menu that offered users only three options: to delete an email, to mark it as unread or to archive it. As a matter of fact, we wonder why such important options were not there for all this time.

When should we expect to get the new update?

According to what Google stated, the update should soon start rolling out to G suite users that have Rapid Release domains. Then later this month, from 22nd of February, Scheduled Release customers will start seeing the new changes. For now, we don’t know exactly when the users of the free Gmail account will get the new features, but more details about this should follow soon.

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