iPhone 11 Will Not Be Cheaper Than iPhone X

Numerous fans of Apple’s flagship phones are waiting impatiently for the upcoming iPhone 11. However, if recent rumors are right, it might be hard for the company to conquer the market and gain any bigger numbers of new users. Many experts believe that the next gen iPhone will not only be as expensive as its predecessor, iPhone X, but it will also lack any significant upgrades.

The reason behind iPhone 11’s high pricing

According to analysts, the rise in the prices of iPhone is caused by a rather poor performance of Apple’s latest devices on the market. Due to low sales of the latest version of iPhone, users already have to pay around $1,000 for its basic variants.

On the other hand, much better performance sales-wise wouldn’t necessarily mean that iPhones could be less expensive. Some experts reported that iPhone 11 might not have any low-end variants available for users, which means that they will still have to pay a lot of money to get the upcoming iPhone 11.

Experts predict worse sales of iPhones in 2019

Judging by the rumors, Apple might not be fully aware of the impact that high pricing and lack of any significant improvements might have on the iPhone’s upgrade cycle. Some recent researchers analyzed the frequency with which customers purchase new iPhones. According to them, Apple’s policy towards its flagship devices might have a negative impact on their sales in a fiscal 2019.

Last year brought a moderate growth of the iPhone installed base of 9%. This year, however, units can drop drastically by up to 19%, which in turn might force Apple to think about some more serious improvements on its flagship device. Moreover, maybe it is the right time to finally shorten the replacement cycle, which lasts way too long lately.

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