Honor 8X Pie Update Roadmap: Improved User Experience

Honor 8X is a recently released Android smartphone that targets mid-range users. The device could arrive on the US market in December and Huawei is currently working on an EMUI update that should include the features added by the release of Android Pie.

Previous models like the Honor 6X and Honor 7X received acclaim for their great features and balanced price tag. Honor 8X adds to the reputation by delivering a great experience that will soon be even better.

Devices sold in Europe and India will receive access to a beta version of EMUI 9.0 in the following weeks.

Here are some of the features that will be available in the new update

An improved user experience

EMUI 9.0 will employ a minimalist interface that can deliver a pleasurable experience.

Better performance

The new update will use artificial intelligence to prioritize tasks and improve system performance by more than 25%. Your apps will start faster, and the system will be more fluid and responsive in the long run.

GPU Turbo 2.0

The power of AI is also able to enhance your gaming experience significantly. The optimized resource allocation protocol will minimize touch lag and keep the device cool even during an extended gaming session.

Smart video assistant

An AI-powered video editor can recognize different faces and create individual video highlights for each person, allowing users to share their favorite moments easily.


HiVision is an advanced camera feature that allows users to identify various landmarks and paintings by pointing the camera of the device towards them. The feature is also able to translate restaurant menus in real-time and calculate the calories for each dish.

Users of the Honor 8X Max may not receive the update on their device. The smartphone uses the Snapdragon 636 SoC, and it seems that it is not compatible with some of the new features.

A stable version of EMUI 9.0 should arrive in the following weeks.

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