Samsung Gear S4 to be Available with a Flexible Display

One of the most rumored aspects of the Gear S4 from Samsung is its design. There are a lot of rumors regarding the overall design of this wearable all coming from different sources with different opinions. One of these leaks suggests that the S4 will be available in two different sizes. What we can guess that is most accurate is the fact that the display will be measuring 1.3 inches. Samsung has always changed its patterns so what do you think will happen this year?

Flexible Display

Samsung applied a pattern last year that might also find its way into the Gear S4 of 2019. The patent’s image shows that on the edge of the dial there is a flexible display fixed there. This way shortcuts will be easier to access by users instead of taping on that small screen for a significant number of times.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Samsung has given away the fact that its attention is also fixed on developing a technology that can accurately measure your blood pressure. Hopefully, this feature will be introduced in the S$ as the company has already mentioned that this generation of their wearable will be focusing more on health aspects.

Sleep Tracking

This is another feature that we might get advantage from in the upcoming S4. Even though this technology is not new, Samsung is a perfectionist, so they want to make sure that they provide better quality.

Internet Connectivity

One of the most known plans that Samsung has is releasing wearable products that provide LTE connectivity. One rumor suggests that AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will carry the S4.

What do you think about the information we have so far about the upcoming Samsung Gear S4?

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