Huge Radiation Levels found in Xiaomi Mi A1 and OnePlus 5T

We use our smartphones a lot during the day, and we carry them everywhere with us, even in bed. But one thing we usually forget about is that they emit harmful radiations. When buying a phone, you check out specs, features, and performance, but most of the times you don’t even think of the SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate).

Bad News if You Have a Xiaomi Mi A1

A recent report by Statista shows that many popular phones have ranked high on the SAR list, with the Xiaomi Mi A1 at the top of the list, followed by OnePlus 5T.

Statista analyzed phones from different brands like Apple, BlackBerry, Google, Samsung, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Xiaomi, ZTE and more to see which ones emit the most and the least radiation. You can check them out in the list below, where left shows the high SAR value and right shows the lowest SAR value.

The list only shows phones that have been released until December 2018, including 16 smartphones with the highest radiation levels and 16 smartphones with the lowest radiation levels.

You should also note that the SAR emitted by the smartphones will affect people’s health only when they call with the phone placed on the ear. So, if you own a Xiaomi Mi A1, make a habit of using it in hands-free mode or use headphones.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 was launched in various parts of the globe, and it’s a top-selling device in India, and so is the OnePlus 5T. While Xiaomi Mi A1 is a low budget phone released in 2017, the OnePlus 5T is the company’s 2017 flagship.

Both Xiaomi and OnePlus have four phones in the list with the highest radiation amounts and none in the list with the lowest numbers. Even iPhones 7 and 8 and Google Pixel 3 XL made it to the most radiation emitted list, while we saw no Samsung, no LG and no Motorola there.

If you’re on the right list, you have nothing to worry about, shows Statista. But the left list tells us we either talk less on the phone or we use hacks around it like speaker or headphones!

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