Minecraft – Tips and Tricks that Veteran Players Don’t What You To Know

The developers of Minecraft didn’t just launch a highly successful game back in 2009, but they also made the point that great gameplay is always better than a fun RPG story or next-gen graphics. In fact, the complex gameplay of Minecraft is so good that the game is still being played nearly one decade later. Not only that, but veteran players are discovering new tricks every single day and today we are going to present you the best ones.

#1 Stacking Signs

One of the coolest Minecraft tricks that most players don’t know about is that signs can be stacked on top of each other. The reason why this trick is so cool is because clever Minecraft players can create the illusion of a huge sign just by adding tens of smaller signs together. This is the best way to place a giant message on a house so that everyone who comes close can see it.

#2 Wooden Slab Trick

Having to deal with fire is annoying in Minecraft because it can burn down everything really fast. Well, here is where the wooden slab trick comes in. Even though most players don’t usually place too many wood blocks in their houses, having a couple of wooden slabs is actually important because they are flame resistant.

#3 How to Use Lava

Minecraft players who love nothing more than to dig for rare resources have probably had their fair share of falling into lava. However, there is a cool trick that makes it possible to use lava as energy. The trick here is to build some buckets and store all the lava that you can in them because lava can be used as fuel for a furnace. Not just that, but lava can also be used in order to create obsidian blocks.

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