Google Play Services 15.0.90 APK Optimizes the Software Stability

One of the best things about using an Android powered smartphone is the ability to download all of Google’s latest APK updates. The APK format stands for “Android Package Kit” and Google uses whenever it releases a new update and it wants for Android users to have priority since this type of updates can only be installed on Android powered smartphones. Talking about APK updates, Android users should be happy to know that Google has just received a brand-new APK for Google Play Services.

Google Play Services

What’s interesting about Google Play Services is that even though it is installed on all Android powered smartphones, there are still lots of people who don’t know what it does. Not only that, but there are lots of reports which show that Android fans who were trying to free up internal storage space have deleted Google Play Services and they were left surprised to find out that nearly all of their apps simply stopped working.

The reason why deleting Google Play Services will cause nearly all apps to stop working is because Google Play Services fulfills the role of automatically updating them and storing important and private information such as user IDs, emails and passwords among others.

New 15.0.90 APK Update

Going back to the new update that Google has released for the Google Play Services, this APK changes the service’s version number 15.0.90 and it was released today (February 8th). The new APK is considered as a top priority download for all Android users since it comes with a handful of bug fixes that improve the overall software stability of Google Play Services.

We should note that APK updates need to be manually downloaded and installed. In case there are any Android users who don’t like the idea of having to manually download an update, they can also just wait because Google is going to release it over the air during the upcoming weeks.

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