iPhone SE 2 would be so great, but we will not get it

Stopping the beloved iPhone SE was one of Apple’s more unconventional business choices, and fans were and still are not okay with this.

Will Apple actually release an iPhone SE 2?

Even though the size of the newest phones continue increases, there are people like iPhone SE fans who are not happy with having a smartphone the size of their faces and something smaller would be great for them. The difference between the iPhone XR for example and the iPhone 6 Plus is not that big when it was supposed to have one similar to the iPhone 6.

However, Apple gave up on selling the iPhone SE in the ninth month of 2018. Many people believed that their move was odd especially after Tim Cook’s statement in which he claims that the popularity the iPhone SE received exceeded their expectations.

Even though the iPhone SE 2 has never been a planned device, it did not stop people from rumoring around it. Unfortunately, they have stopped recently as there is no proof that Apple even thinks of a possible successor to the budget phone.

What Apple iPhone SE 2 would look like?

However, through TechGarage, some new renders of an iPhone SE 2 have leaked. It claims that the iPhone SE 2 would feature Face ID and it looks amazing with it. The downside to this is that it remains only a speculation as this render is not backed by any substantial leaks provided by the supply chain.

However, if Apple releases an iPhone SE 2, it will surely have Touch ID instead of Face ID as its primary goal is to minimize the expenses. People would be so happy to receive a successor to their favorite phone from Apple as the iPhone SE is almost three years old.

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