Green Future Perspective: Supporting Energy Efficiency Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) has been drastically changing the ways in which we look at the whole environment.

The global market for energy-efficient building technologies, for instance, is expected to reach more than $360.6 billion in 2026, according to a report released by Navingan Research that examines the global market for energy efficiency building products and services.

“Participants in the energy efficient building equipment value chain are creating new and innovative products and services that broaden and deepen market penetration with increased simplicity, or through added sophistication, as well as investment and payback figures that better match the internal requirements of end-use customers,” says Tom Machinchick, principal research analyst with Navigant Research.

He continues and explains that “Companies that did not have the foresight to start assessing the digital transformation years ago will be at a serious disadvantage competing in the years to come.”

More energy saving solutions for the future

From heating and cooling to various appliances and electronics, our daily lives are taking quite a vast amount of energy to be powered by. The latest statistics report that our homes are currently using 37%n more energy these days as they did back in the 80s. But even this number would be a lot higher if there weren’t for innovative techs and energy conservation standards.

Energy efficacy efforts all over the world are currently on the rise. More and more companies and institutions are working toward developing smarter and more connected buildings, homes, ultra-efficient heat-pumps, advanced window controls, brighter and better lighting, reflecting roofing materials and more.

Supporting developments in energy efficiency

Various institutions are supporting a greener future, and their efforts are recognized all over the world. For instance, Warrington Collegiate from England has been nationally recognized in sustainability and energy efficiency, winning numerous awards such as “Best Sustainability Initiative Award” at the UK Public Sector Digital Awards,” “Best Energy Efficiency Project” at the National Tech World Awards,” “Recognition of Innovation Award” by the Regional Support Centre,” and more.

This is only an example of an institution that has been working towards supporting a better, energy efficient future for humanity.

Innovative strategies for sustaining and optimizing performance for energy efficiency-related project is something vital these days and more players and getting on board in order to achieve the most ambitious projects.

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