Fortnite Will Feature a Marshmello Concert as Its Next In-game Event

Fortnite is known for hosting huge one-time-only events that are slowly becoming an important part of this battle royale title. The next major spectacle is definitely going to be something that all fans will remember for a long time, as we will have a chance to take part in a big in-game concert.

Marshmello’s in-game concert will take place on Saturday

Although no announcement has been made by Epic up to this point in time, the popular DJ Marshmello included Pleasant Park, a location inside Fortnite’s world, on schedule of his upcoming tour. The choice of venue was not random, as it has a huge football field that should have no problems with hosting the big concert on Saturday. It has been reported that the preparations are ongoing and the process of assembling the stage should be completed soon. Marshmello is a well-known fan of the game, as he even won a Fortnite celebrity tournament at E3 last year in a team with Twitch star Ninja.

Fortnite’s major events have been controversial in the past

The event scheduled to take place on Saturday will be the first concert in the game’s world. Past spectacles, such as a rolling purple cube, a floating ice sphere and the launch of a rocket, have created a lot of excitement amongst players. Fortnite’s one-time-only events are definitely unique, but they also managed to anger a large number of players who got killed before they could take part in the spectacle.

Epic’s response to the complaints of fans

In order to stop players from killing each other before the start of the last event in November, Epic decided to teleport them to a strange new dimension without any weapons. It is not known yet what kind of precautions Epic will take to allow all users to enjoy Marshmello’s concert, but we will not have to wait long to find out.

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