The Advanced Version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Feature a 3D Depth Sensor

Several sources claim that Samsung will reveal an advanced version of the upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone. Dubbed Galaxy S10 5G, the model could sport some mind-blowing specifications. It is already expected that Samsung will pack an impressive 12GB RAM/ 1TB internal storage space combos but new rumors continue to appear every day.

Samsung may opt to use a complex camera array on the back, consisting of four individual cameras. At least one of them is thought to be a time-of-flight sensor. While the cameras present on devices like Mate Pro 20 or the iPhone XS are able to scan your face a ToF camera will be able to scan and map an entire room in real-time.

The time-of-flight technology is not really bleeding edge since is already present on some of the smartphones that are available on the market.  Two of them are the Oppo R17 Pro and the Vivo NEX Dual Display. While the TrueDepth camera that is used by both iPhones is able to perceive up to 30,000 individual points that compose the 3D structure on your face the ToF sensors mounted on the Vivo and Oppo units are able to push the number to 300,000 increasing the effective distance to approximately ten feet.

The latest ToF sensor is already available for smartphones. Tests have shown that is faster, smaller and consumes a lower amount of energy in comparison to the one that is currently used in TrueDepth setups.

The manufacturers of the sensor, PMD/Infineon, have recently revealed that they will be opening new offices in China and Seoul. This was seen by many as a hint that the sensor could make an appearance on one of the future Samsung flagships.

It is likely that the new hardware could be unveiled in February when the s10 line will be officially announced during a Samsung Unpacked event. The new technology could improve the augmented reality features that are currently offered, i.e. allowing users to use the device in order to see if a particular piece of furniture could fit in a limited space.

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