iPhone 11: New Leaks About Its Design

There have been numerous leaks about iPhone 11 circulating lately on the internet and we’ve even seen some renders that were extremely different one from another, both of them being shared by the same leaker.

The two variants of iPhone 11 that we’ve seen so far are as follows: the first renders illustrated the device as having a square triple-lens camera system on the back, while the second renders showed a design with a horizontal rear camera module, that also features three lenses.

New leaks about iPhone 11 have come to the surface

Based on some recent report, the second design is apparently really moving into production. This is great news, since we can all probably agree that the horizontal camera arrangement looks much, much better than the other one.

According to a recent post from CompareRaja, it seems that at least one of the models of Apple’s upcoming flagship phone will come with a horizontal rear camera module, the way it is pictured in the image above.

iPhone 11 with horizontal rear camera arrangement is what we’d like to see

However, considering the fact that this news about iPhone 11 was confirmed just by one unnamed source, we cannot possibly know yet whether this is true or not. What we do know for sure is that Apple’s fans would definitely want for this rumor to be true, as the second of the two designs that we’ve seen lately is clearly more esthetic and more pleasant to the eye.

The Indian blog that shared this leak also mentioned that it is not known yet exactly which iPhone will have this rumored design. They believe that it could be the successor of iPhone XS. Some other earlier rumors indicated that only iPhone 11 Max would come with a triple-lens rear camera, so the details surrounding iPhone 11 are still not very clear.

The iPhone 11 lineup is expected to be released in September, so many more rumors will follow between now and then.

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