Google Play Store – Check Out the Latest APK Update

The Google Play Store is one of the most important services that the Android operating system offers and therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that Google is always improving its performances through a constant stream of APK updates. These updates are exclusive to Android users who want to get their hands on all the latest features and bug fixes ahead of everyone else because they need to be manually downloaded, but more on that later.

Google Play Store 13.3.17 APK Update

The latest update for the Google Play Store was released yesterday (29th January) and it comes with lots of software improvements. Even though some Android fans might be disappointed to hear that the new update is not packed with new features, these software improvements are equally as important.

Worth noting is that installing APK updates is a bit different than normal ones. These updates are not released OTA (over the air) and everyone who wants to download them needs to get them directly from Google’s official APK website, but not before enabling the “Unknown Sources” option which can be found in the Settings panel of all Android powered smartphones.

What’s New?

The question that all Android fans must be asking themselves right now is what does the new update bring? Well, Android fans should be happy to know that this new update focuses on improving the already fast performances of the Google Play Store. The way that the new update does this is by introducing a handful of software tweaks which optimize the service’s software.

Not only that, but the new update also contains a bunch of bug fixes. Even though bug fixes might not seem that important to most of you, they are actually a high priority download for the Google Play Store. Bug fixes make sure that the service doesn’t randomly crash and this is why all Android fans should get them.

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