Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Should We Still Expect It?

Based on all the rumors that we’ve seen so far over the last couple of weeks, we all expect for Samsung to release at least three models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup. It was believed until now that the South Korean company will launch a standard Galaxy S10, a smaller smartphone, rumored to be named either Galaxy S10 Lite or Galaxy S10 E, and a larger model, Galaxy S10 Plus.

All three devices will still arrive in February, during the Unpacked event, so don’t worry about it – that hasn’t been changed. However, the smaller model of the 10th anniversary Galaxy lineup may come with a different name than anything we suspected until now.

All three models of Samsung Galaxy S10 might be called the same

Some new rumors about the so-called Galaxy S10 Lite came to the surface recently, as anonymous leaker GSMArena just shared with us the fact that, surprisingly, both the smaller model of the upcoming Galaxy S10 series and the larger one will be simply called Samsung Galaxy S10, like the standard variant.

This is quite unexpected, of course, since if this proves to be right, it could create a lot of confusion. Taking into consideration the fact that we are talking about three completely distinct phones, it would clearly be pretty strange if they all ended up having the exact same name. The tipster mentioned that he got this information from a Samsung representative.

What else is known?

The same source that we’ve mentioned before also says that the smallest variant of the Galaxy S10 will come with 5.8-inch display and two rear cameras and the standard model (the middle one) will have a 6.1-inch screen and three rear cameras instead. This is the same as what we’ve known until now.

One more thing that we’ve heard is that we might see a limited premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (the larger model), which is expected to have 12GB of RAM, as well as 1TB of storage. We cannot know at the moment how much of the latest rumors is true. It remains to be seen.

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