OnePlus 7 – The World’s Most Anticipated Smartphone Has Been Leaked!

OnePlus has had a great year! The Chinese based company has made millions of dollars in profits after launching OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. The two flagship smartphones have proved to the entire world that it’s possible to offer a device that ships with impressive hardware parts and features and to equip it with an affordable price at the same time! Therefore, the smartphone that everyone is waiting to see in 2019 is the company’s next-generation flagship called OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7

Despite being one of the most talked about smartphones in the world, there isn’t that much information about OnePlus 7. The Chinese based company doesn’t want to reveal what will be the smartphone’s key hardware specs ahead of its launch date so that it can use the element of surprise when it finally decides to reveal OnePlus 7. Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait any longer because the smartphone’s alleged press render has just been leaked.

Leaked Press Render

The leaked press render shows us two unreleased OnePlus smartphones. The one on the left is believed to be OnePlus 7 because the one on the right side is none other than OnePlus 6T. The annoying thing about this press render leak is the fact that both smartphones are wearing bulky protective cases which makes it difficult for us to determine the features of OnePlus 7.

Innovative Design

Even though OnePlus 7 is covered in a bulky case, we can still notice that the smartphone will ship with an innovative full-screen design. The awesome thing about OnePlus 7’s design is the fact that it features a truly impressive screen-to-body ratio and that the selfie camera has been apparently mounted on the top. This is definitely a risky move and it gives OnePlus 7 the bold design that it needs to compete against Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10.

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