Top 4 Best VPN Apps of 2019 for Android

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is part of the list of most well-known VPN services whose priority is your privacy as a no-log policy is being used. 500MB of browsing data is provided to all users every month with no fee required. If you want an additional 1GB, you need to tweet their product. If you wan unlimited data then you would need to pay.  AES-256 bit encryption is provided for every plan.


This one is part of the list of the most advanced VPN services that are available at the moment thanks to its unique features such as no logs policy, ease of usage, solid 24/7 customer service, and use of peer-to-peer networks. Chinese users are so excited about this VPN because it provides them with access to servers that otherwise would have been blocked for them. ExpressVPN’s servers are divided over the regions of 90 countries.


This VPN service is surprisingly not based in the United States but Panama. There it is not easy to reach most triple letter agencies, so this is when NorVPN comes into the game. It uses robust encryption methods and Double-hops that make sure that the maximum level of security is provided to users besides that this service does not log any serves and activities in more than 60 countries all over the world. Sometimes it happens to move slower than usual when the traffic reaches its peak limit, but this is the only disadvantage we could think about.

Opera Free VPN

This VPN app is one of the most intuitive and easy to use services out there. Its developers are also the ones that made the opera mini web-browser possible. It provides users with security and a  built-in ad-blocker, and its future is promising.

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