Google Play Store 12.8.24 APK is Now Available (Only for Android TV)

Google is one of the world’s biggest tech companies if not the biggest and the thing that it loves to do the most is to revolutionize other industries through its high-end software and Android operating systems. The perfect example of this is how Google changed the way people get their video entertainment when it released the Android operating system for Smart TVs.

This operating system gave people access to vital Android features such as the Google Play Store which is filled with a plethora of apps, games and services that make it so much more easier to find interesting shows to watch on the TV.

The release of the Android operating system for Smart TVs also made it impossible for traditional cable companies to keep competing and most of them have gone bankrupt because apps such as Netflix are offering premium user experiences, original content and they don’t show any annoying commercials.

Google Play Store for Android TV APK Update!

Nonetheless, the reason why Google Play Store for Android TV is making headlines today is because Google has just released a new update for it. The update sports the 12.8.24 version number and it comes with lots of “under the hood” software tweaks that improve the service’s user experience.

These software tweaks are called “under the hood” because Android users will not get to actually see them as they do with new features, but Android users will feel the boost in performances that they bring to their Smart TVs.

With that being said, we advise all Android users who own a Smart TV to head over to Google’s official APK website and to get their hands on the new update as soon as possible. Although, we need to let Android users know that since this is in an APK update, they will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature in order to make their Smart TVs eligible for it.

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