Fortnite Mobile Makes A Fortune in Profits Only in December 2018

Fortnite is such a popular game that it gets categorized as a cultural phenomenon rather than a trending game. The craziest thing about Fortnite is not just the fact that it managed to remain relevant during this past couple of years, but that it manages to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars every year despite being free to play. Epic Games launched the mobile version Fortnite for Android and iOS in earlier 2018 and the game’s popularity has skyrocketed ever since but does the mobile version of Fortnite make the same amount of money as the PC and console versions do?

How Much Money Does Fortnite Mobile Make?

A study made by the folks at Sensor Tower is stating that Fortnite mobile made a whopping $69 million in December! Can you believe that? A free to play game that runs on a smartphone has generated a fortune in only one month. What’s great about Fortnite mobile is that it showed an 83% increase in profits for the month of December when compared to November.

Fortnite Mobile is Dominating PUBG Mobile

The only other competitor that Fortnite mobile needs to defeat is PUBG mobile and from the looks of it, Fortnite is dominating PUBG. The mobile version of PUBG is also free to play, but the popularity of Fortnite towers PUBG’s player base.

Epic Games Could Be Worth $14 Billion

Another interesting statement made by the Sensor Tower is that Epic Games, the company that owns and develops Fortnite is worth a staggering $14 billion as of 2019. This makes Epic Games one of the biggest game developers in the world and it also proves that free to play games can be profitable too. Not just that but, Fortnite mobile also shows that fun gameplay is always a much better feature than high-end graphics that expensive games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have to offer.

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